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Lee Smith 

June 15th, 16th, 27th

Cow Working

In this format we are generally working cattle in an arena, although at some venues there is opportunity to work out in a pasture, too. Lee teaches the " Fun" damentals of cutting, sorting, tracking and control, driving and blocking cattle. Quality horsemanship is at the forefront. She uses unique and innovative simulations to produce a greater level of understanding of how to use the Essential Elements of Horsemanship to developed a horse capable of handling cattle, as well as how a rider could prepare for competitions where cattle are used. Three days, ride all day, Limited participation. I n conjunction with a Horsemanship clinic we will have an AM Horsemanship class and a afternoon of Cow Working. Ride all day. 

Cost- 3 Days

 $375.00 am (Horsemanship)

$375.00 pm (cow working)

$700.00 for the weekend both am/pm

cattle fee $35.00 per day 

Lee Smith Clinics

Lee Smith invites you to attend a powerful, intense and rewarding experience

that will open the door to meet the horse that lives behind the hide and hair.

Ask yourself if you are:

Uncertain about the relationship you have with your horse and would like to reestablish it?

Having trouble with your horse in a few situations that cause you to feel unsafe?

Committed to an idea or philosophy of horsemanship that may be holding you back from success and want to strive for more?

Willing to dedicate yourself to becoming a disciplined rider and horseman?

Looking for a fun, safe environment to learn in?

Then Lee Smith can help you! Lee makes available venues that are educational, inspiring and tailor made. The Essential Elements of Horsemanship ® are the keys to your success. Lee teaches these at each of her clinics regardless of the format.


Wendy Woldt

(920) 493-1705

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