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Doug Jordan

May 11th - 12th


Each day will be four sessions with groups of three riders per session. Each session will begin with flag work followed by time on cattle.








$200/rider/session + $35 cattle fee (Cattle fee subject to change) payment due to hold your spot

Pen or Stall $30

Electric $30


SHOW membership and current Coggins required.

On-site Cafe lunch will be available for purchase.



Sherri Kuss with questions or to request a session.

Phone/Text 920-309-0699



About Doug:

Equine Performance Partnership was formed in 2018 as a way to promote Doug’s new adventu​re as a clinician, and the method of training he and wife Amy have always been passionate about. It is their hopes that Equine Performance Partnership will become a medium for those horsemen and women who wish to create a partnership with their horse rather than a mainstream method of training through repression.


Doug’s horsemanship is a constant cycle of progression and refinement. As a student, you will find his style reflects that of prominent influences such as Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance, and is often collaborated with that of other true protégé of the legends. With techniques that stress the importance of giving the horse a choice, Doug focuses on key components that will put purpose to your horsemanship. While under his guidance, you can expect to discuss such principles as proper timing and positioning, developing feel, building confidence and of course, understanding how a horse’s mind operates.


Through Doug’s experience he has found that by giving his horse choices, and by being careful to find out how little it takes to reach a desired outcome without overexposing the horse, he is able to create a connection that the horse will return to time and time again.



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